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Automated Recreation Zone

We are meeting at the London riverfront at Nine Elms. After the DJ from peopleperhour arranged the first song, and the guests invited to dinner through deliveroo started to bring the first meal, we began the festive dinner.

We invited all of delivery people to stay as this dinner was especially initiated for them and by their colleagues. To eat the food that you usually see through pack paper, that you only smell and never have the possibility to partake of the food. And to chat with other workers like you.

Outsourcers, platform workers, freelancers and all others who are selling their live-hours were invited to join the Automated Recreation Zone, temporary leisure room for having rest from the everyday routine. Invited guests were kindly asked to find time for a break in their insane work schedule and spend some time at the picnic. As well as at any working clubs parties we discussed working conditions and shared experiences and thoughts of how to approach a less work-centred world. But we needed to make it fast as our Automated Recreation Zone was really temporary and worked in an accelerated regime – platform workers could not stay for a long time there because of specificity of the economic regime we are all involved in.