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Economic Orangery 2021

Online Live Action Role Play:
built around a collective imagination of decentralized economic institutions in a revolutionary Belarusian situation.

2 months, events unfold in the chat and during one hour of weekly synchronous video sessions in discord

cultural and social workers, rooted in the Belarusian locality or experienced of living in Belarus

Game designers:

With the support of:
This game is made with the support of the DAOWO Global Initiative and the Goethe-Institut. On February 11 we will talk about the game here


Decentralized technologies have ceased to be a part of everyday life long ago, but turned into the fossils of the economies of the past.

But you can visit the Orangery of decentralized neighbourhood yard economies, where based on the 2021 year archives the economic relations within one of the Belarusian yards was reconstructed. The economic relations that are reenacted are real, and they drag the drama of desires around them.

A group of Orangery keepers watch over visitors, meet for evening procedures and cybernetic gymnastics, and at night they dream as if they were the guts of 2021 algorithmic technologies.

Game features

This game is a mixture of artistic and gaming techniques, offline larps and online live action role-playing games.

The peculiarity of this game is some number of rules and mechanics, freedom of action for players and an open ending. There are no spectators here — everyone is a direct participant. It depends on the participants where the game will go.


In this online game, the player has 2 characters. They speak from 2 different spaces:

  • 2021 — the space “of the present”.
  • economic orangery — a view “from the future”.


Inside the 2021 courtyard protest space, you will “reconstruct” the courtyard economy during the revolution and anti-coronavirus measures.

All actions in this game space take place in parallel with the real events taking place now in Belarus. You can freely draw any real details into the game if you think that this will add many-sidedness and drive to the game, and reality will intertwine with the game.

Your character is involved in the movement in one of the protest courtyards.

The place of your communication with others is the courtyard chat, where all organizational issues are resolved. Your overall goal is to maintain courtyard activity, find resources for it, while trying to make sure that everyone has time for their personal life, no one gets burned out and everyone remains safe.

You’ve all known each other for several months, although you only know someone through chat. As you play, you can speculate about previous relationships with other characters and this will become part of the story. At the pre-game workshop, we will have time to work out in detail the relations between the “orgs” of the yard.

Some of the “orgs” of the yard are your neighbor in the staircase, and someone lives in the next house. Someone may not now live in houses near the courtyard, but still participate in the movement. Perhaps you are meeting with someone from the other chat users in a store in the area. You have been playing football with someone since childhood. You are not familiar with someone at all and you can only guess by their nickname who this person could be IRL.

The alternative parallel economy of your yard is decentralized. This corresponds with the ideas of horizontal movement organization. And it also ensures safety – no processes are concentrated in one hand, and even if someone misses for a while, the yard movement lives on.

Economic orangery

You are the caretakers of the Economic Orangery, which is dedicated to the economies of Belarusian neighbourhoods in 2021. Visitors periodically come to your greenhouse to gain experience and learn about the decentralized economies of the past. This is an adaptive changing space that is rebuilt every time according to the request of the visitor.

The caretakers have known each other for a long time. Each of them has his / her own obsession, which affects her / his character and the space of the greenhouse. Here is a complete list of obsessions:


Addition / Сложение
Automation / Автоматизация
Equality / Равенство
Multitude / Множественность
Opacity / Затемненность
Persistence / Постоянство
Power / Власть-Сила-Множество
Proxy / Прокси
Risk / Риск
Ritual / Ритуал
Secrecy / Секрет
Sustainability / Устойчивость
Transaction / Транзакция
Transparency / Прозрачность
Trust / Доверие
Value / Ценность


DREAMS is the space of transition between the Economic Orangery and 2021.

As an orangery worker trying to understand what happened in 2021, you develop an obsession through which you look at the archives of backyard economies. You are so enthralled by this activity that you even have dreams where the past, the future, the present, your orangery activities and the life of the yard that you are reconstructing are overlapped.

You have decided to make a collective dream diary. It seems important to you to share your obsessions, to face the collective unconsciousness of your group. Perhaps, it will be useful for you in the design and arrangement of the Orangery, because this is not an objective archive, but adaptable, that includes your desires, emotions and affects.

Thus, through dreams, a transition between the Orangery space and 2021 happens, where complementarity, influence and co-, or even, inter-dependency is possible.