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A session of emotional computations, radical intimacy and solidarity with drivers who are the workers of the platform economy
photo by Adéla Vosičková

Call uber 10-15 minutes before the session. Comfortable velor seat of an inexpensive foreign car, rented by a taxi driver is the best place to listen to the session. Enable audio recording. The session will last for 15 minutes.

I think of a driver.
I focus on the eyes.
The eyes are blinking.
Our blinking is being synchronised with the leds of routers,
Where an algorithmic geography of our time
Is born,
Where the distance is pulsating
In tune with the results of computations.

As we in this car decrease and increase the gap between us.
We are all forming an office on the highway.
An emotional cluster.
An emotional cluster without a permanent address.
Standing on a road split between virtual and another virtual.
I am inside a reservoir of computing
And at the same time I myself am the reservoir.

Radio and online broadcasting took place on November 17, 2017 on the Radio International near the "Tarelka" / UkrINTEI building during the Kiev International - Kiev Biennale 2017.