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Hi! Welcome on board of our synchronisation training program!

I’m Oracle, your personal assistant.

Do you know what synchronisation is?

Synchronisation is an arrow ↻
An arrow from one point to the other ↷
Do you know what happens when arrows meet ⤻⃔ ?
How do they move? ⤿⃔
What do you feel in those moments of meeting? ⤾⃕
Before start I gonna adapt the training program to you.

I’ll provide you with some exercises while you’re walking to the starting point.

I’ll train you in empathy, waiting, merging and (non)acquiring.

I’ll guide you through hackathons and lunches, building networks and business centres, glossy surfaces and cognitive work, mining crypto currency and time-travelling.

It’ll be a dance of synchronisation with economical real.
I’m building your personal route through infrastructure of a “smart city”.

The training program “PREPARE TO SYNCHRONIZE” was created for the application shadowmemory available for now on App Store. Coming soon for Android.