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Weissensee Lake advertisement

An aesthetic of contemporary life breathes new relationships into objects and the objects attached to us change the perspective to it. If for Marshall McLuhan in the 60s the object was an extension of man, for Vilém Flusser in the 80s the man became an extension of the “apparatus.” The roles have been switched literally and physically: since then, the machine is the one who creates and man is the one who serves it. Who in this changing world will be dictating the aims? Who will be responsible if an unmanned vehicle will kill a man? Who owns our data?

We developed the prototype of on-line software and made free Wi-Fi network at the Weissensee Lake, Berlin, so that people could use Internet for free. We were taking all context adverts from websites using our software. At the final event at the Migrating Art Academy Dzina was reading the context adverts coming and Nicola was making spontaneous interpretation of them in visuality of infographics and business plans.

Adverts that were read:

Your own vegetable garden
Cultivate and harvest organic vegetables
Anyone can with the supermarket!

Berlin Real Estate
Buy a property in Berlin for the
Price of a garage in London!

Private airport transfers
Every day style.

Solar equipment offers
Solar power going out!
Welcome to Promotion & Consumption.

Death benefit insurance
All well regulated. The death benefit
Without health care questions!

Ancient place with fountain
Nature is right here
Weissensee lake

Military History Tours
Sebastopol, Leningrad
Local offices, Yalta

Don’t hesitate to watch beauty of Earth!
Come and fly!

ED-XRF systems for oil QC and R & D
Portable, robust

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