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Data. Files with texts, photos, letters to a friend, whom you haven’t been writing for ages. GPS-tracks of the only one running last summer. A worddoc of a friend, which she asked you to print. 1642 files in a folder called “to_sort_out” on your desktop.

Part of those files belong to you, leave an imprint after you, they do tell at least something about you, those endless data flows. Data are instruments of communication between us, means of learning, resources for enjoyment, tools of life producing.

We are proposing you to participate in our survey to unpack in what relationships can enter our data and what is their class affiliation.

From the one side, there is an adaptive city and a big data which is an engine for adaptibility and from another side, we, who create data, are present – it could be nice to make our attitude to it clear. That is why within the scope of our research we are proposing to turn to the psychogeography of data, – phychodata – which is very subjective and connected to an individuality of each of us.