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Hello, dear conference participants! Together we are all hired to conduct an online-conference about Traffic Loop.

Technically, Traffic Loop is infinitely forwarded data that never stops between servers on its journey through the Internet and never leaves this loop. Imagine that information you requested on the internet (music, a friend’s social media page or the sluggish website of the Russian National Railway Company) is not loaded onto your telephone or computer, but instead never reaches your device and cycles endlessly somewhere within the infrastructure. Imagine a looped structure, where in a circuit race the leaders get mixed with the ones fallen behind, where it becomes impossible to differentiate who is who. In such a circle of data, an infinite loop, where this data gets fragmented, fragments chase in disintegrate more and more over time, as they move on different paths at various speeds.

Traffic Loop lives off existing digital infrastructure: off servers, switches, wifi-routers, smartphones. It is an algorithmic abstraction that by different methods materializes itself in the digital infrastructure. Traffic Loop parasites on it, consuming all available resources of the network. A special group deals with the technical aspects of the concept. And our conference with you legitimizes the existence of such an infrastructure, making it desirable for us and those who watch this online conference now.

Share your understanding of Traffic Loop. Discuss what is not clear. Do not rush. At this point you need to undestand what Traffic Loop real.